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Join the world’s best beatboxers and learn, share ideas, and help make the world a better place for everyone.

For 3 days, Beatbox Masterclass will host 9 Online Classes and Forums sharing about Beatbox Training, Beatbox Techniques, Music Composition, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Loopstation Class and more so you can take your beatbox to the next level.

This masterclass’s profit will be donated to Doctors Without Borders as our way to support in this global pandemic. #LearningToHelp


Day 1 - Beginner Class + Advanced Training + Loopstation Masterclass

Day 2 - Beginner Class + Advanced Training + Digital Marketing + Guest Forum

Day 3 - Beginner Class + Digital Marketing + Music Composition + Guest Forum

Class Schedule Breakdown

6/11 - Friday - UTC 0800 - 1110

Do you find SpencerX, Neil Lanes and Shawn Lee impressive beatboxers? Well you can learn what they do at our beginners class too! 

1) Learn the fundamental sounds of beatboxing

2) Train your beatbox more effectively

3) Learn how to beatbox your favorite song

If winning battles has been a problem for you, B-art will teach you how to tackle the issue! Being the Vice World Champion, the insights he will give is not one to miss!


1) Learn why you should or should not battle

2) Improve your battle skills and identify when you should start

3) Learn how to create new routines & stay creative

4) Build your beat for 1:30 rounds

5) Microphone holding techniques

If you find making beatbox routines hard, learning how to loop is the next level! Brez will teach you how to level up your looping game, so don’t miss out!

1) Introduction to Brez’s looping career and inspirations 

2) Learn how you should set objectives to define a style

3) Learn how to develop your style, skills and variety in your music.

4) Identify what makes a looper a good looper

5) Tips on tightening up your beats and layering your percussion

6) Tips on finding effects

7/11 - Saturday - UTC 1100 - 1500

Many of you know how to make beatbox sounds, you just don’t realize it yet! Identify them and learn how to use them at this class!

1) Take everyday sounds that you already know and put into your own beatbox pattern

2) Learn some of the easiest sound effects that you can master by the day! 

Being a good beatboxer is just part of having a successful career. Your journey in making a career out of beatboxing can be made smoother if you know these essential tips!

1) Learn the essentials of setting goals for your content

2) Tips on analyzing content and artists

3) Learn how to create good content

4) Learn how to engage with businesses and partners

5) Tips on meeting a good company

Hear what our panel has to say about the organizer’s code of conduct, female representation, and community behavior!

8/11 - Sunday - UTC 1300 - 1600

There’s more to beatboxing than just saying Boots’n’cats! Learn how to make your own unique patterns with the sounds you already know!

1) Learn 3 of the most common combos with special training patterns

2) Skyrocket your progress by practicing our special training routine!

Being a good beatboxer is just part of having a successful career. Your journey in making a career out of beatboxing can be made smoother if you know these essential tips!

1) Learn the essentials of setting goals for your content

2) Tips on analyzing content and artists

3) Learn how to create good content

4) Learn how to engage with businesses and partners

5) Tips on meeting a good company

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the life of a beatbox artist? Do they bathe in showers of dollar notes or are they still grinding to make ends meet?

Well, join in and out what you do after you become an artist!

The Guests

Beatbox Masterclass lineup has gathered to share their insights. They will present techniques, actionable ideas, and their first-hand experience on how to leap start your Beatbox levels.


Vice World Beatbox Champion


World Tag Team Champion


French Loopstation Champion

hiss and sinzo

Asia Champion & Knockdown Entertainment CEO

forum guests


Beatbox Community CEO


Vice World Champion

Zhang Ze

3 Times China Champion


3 Times UK Team Champion


World Champion

advanced beatbox techniques


Vice World Champion

Music composition & style


World Tag Team Champion



GBB Loopstation Qualifier

digital marketing for beatboxers

hiss & sinzo

Asia Champion & Knockdown Entertainment CEO

Forum Guests


Beatbox Community CEO


Vice World Champion

zhang ze

3 Times China Champion


3 Times UK Team Champion


World Champion

Participating partners

beatbox masterclass is a virtual event unlike others.

abeatc, beatnation founder

learn from the pro

10 Sessions back-to-back with diverse topics and content. Learn techniques, actionable ideas and thoughts to leap start yourself today.

Connect with the world

From South America to East Asia, beatboxers from all levels will be joining in this special event. Chat with each other and learn about foreign culture.

Be part of the solution

Ticket profits will be donated to WHO COVID-19 Response Fund, with every ticket we sold, it is one ticket away from a global solution.

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Beatbox Masterclass is a 3 days online masterclass where you can learn from world class beatbox artists and champions on how to start off, improve, and take your Beatbox passion to the next level!
We are Beatnation, Malaysia’s Beatbox Company. We are funded by CENDANA, Malaysia’s Cultural Economy Development Agency, for this project, and recognized by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education as the country’s sole service provider for Beatbox Curriculum across 10,000 schools in Malaysia. Our goal is to create stable opportunities for Beatbox enthusiasts, may it be for beginners trying to get on stage, or professionals to find a stable living doing what they love.
No worries! We will be recording all sessions and have it in our private access for 1 week for your viewing pleasure.
We do not allow screen capture, download, re-upload, make a copy, edit, or alteration of any kind on the content. All content are the intellectual property of the artists and Beatnation, If any form of footage manipulation and redistribution are found outside of our network, we will send out instant ban, raise copyright strike, and flag your content as our way to protect the content’s integrity. We take this seriously and whether you did or did not read this, by visiting our website www.beatnation.co and any of it’s pages, we will consider you have agreed to this terms unconditionally.
Each pass is entitled for one entry, should there be more than one person, kindly purchase additional passes accordingly.
Yes! Water, notebook, pen and a mind ready to learn! Be sure to warm up your mouth so you’re ready for the day ahead too!
Each classes will be 1 hour long, for the first 45 – 50 minutes will be the syllabus while the remainder will be for Q&A. For Forum it will be the same as well.
Sure! Remember to send them over to www.beatnation.co/Masterclass to get their tickets before it’s sold out!
We have partnered with the following communities to assist in this matter! If you are in touch with any of these communities locally with the community leaders, you can reach out to them for help to purchase your tickets:
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We are sending our profits to Doctor’s Without Borders’s COVID-19 Response Fund as a way to show that the Beatbox culture can come together and find our way to help the less fortunate as well. We are donating 50% of the profit from the Pass sales.
The Passes remainder profit are kept for us to pay the technical team, creative team, and event day production team for their hard work, alongside the guest’s fee and various tool’s subscription to make all these possible!

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Approved by Ministry Of Education (MOE), we are the first company to have Beatbox CCA and Hip Hop Dance CCA in schools. We use them as empowerment tool for youth in positive skills. With growing demand for beatboxing and dancing, we create curriculums that are suitable for all ages with a syllabus focusing on mindfullness, intuitive, and collaboration. We encourage self-discovery in Beatbox classes, allowing students the best experience joining our classes.

Our classes are suitable for

  • Weekly Beatbox and/or Hip Hop Dance Curriculums for Training, Performances and Learning
  • One Day Beatbox and/or Hip Hop Dance Workshop for Entertainment, Enjoyment, and Passion
  • Beatbox and/or Hip Hop Dance Corporate Teambuilding for Collaboration, Mindfulness and Synchronicity

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